Event 1: Dulwich

Dulwich Parkrun with director


Great start to my capital parkrun adventure with Dulwich being an excellent host, the people were very welcoming and the course looked beautiful in the summer sun!


This is definitely a PB kind of course that is almost flat 3 anticlockwise laps of Dulwich park that is entirely run on tarmac footpaths, but if that is hard on your feet there is a sand track on the inside of the route!

Dulwich Route

Personal Stats

My parkrun time: 31.28

Total traveled accumulative miles = 82

Important Info

Park Facilities: Excellent post race cafe, tennis and basketball courts, boating lake that you can hire a boat to row on, finally public toilets available

Parking: Free but limited spaces inside but should be fine if you get there early

Final verdict

Excellent event with a great bunch of volunteers, definitely if I was fit enough a 100% PB course in a very well maintain London park!

Top stuff Guy’s 🙂

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