S equals Striders

I feel very privileged this week to coach two very different speedwork sessions at our club  Stopsley Striders and each session had very different mix of runners in turns of experience!

Track Pyramid session

First up Tuesday evening was a track pyramid session at the Stockwood park athletics centre that incorporated two pyramid sets run. After 5 min warm up the session started with a pyramid set running a total distance of 3200m with the longest distance run of 800m. The second set was 1800 with 600m as its longest run, finally 5 min cool down to finish!

It was great to work with some of our experience club runners striving to improve their performances through either track or road speedwork sessions, top running everyone!

We even had a bit of fun at the end they wrote an S for Striders on the slope, well I think it is an S anyway 🙂

Striders formation track

Hill work

On Thursday evening it was week 4 of 6 in our introductory speedwork for our recently graduated beginners with this week we introduced them to hill interval work!

It has been my great pleasure in help coaching on our beginners and seeing their brilliant progress they made. They then run our local Luton Wardown parkrun and now are meeting the challenges of speedwork head on with determination and enthusiasm, outstanding work guy’s!

Finally to all of my running blog readers our club cordially invites you to book up to run our inaugural Stopsley 5 mile & 10 mile off road race on Sunday October 16th at 10am

Look forward to see you all 🙂

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