Event 39 Bromley

Bathed in beautiful spring morning sunshine I had the pleasure of running Norman Park, Bromley that is easily one of the largest parkrun events in Greater London region with 566 runners participating this week alone! It was great to meet up with two stalwarts of Bromley, Marijana good luck on your charity fundraising and Andy who’s energy especially … More Event 39 Bromley

Event 38 Orpington

How do you compete against my 50th milestone parkrun at Bushy last week, quite simple pop down to Goddington Park, Orpington where you are guaranteed a warm friendly welcome from the local parkrun community! The beauty in Goddington is that it means different things to its park users! This morning there was kids mini football … More Event 38 Orpington

Event 37 Bushy

I would like to start by adding my solidarity to everybody in London after the tragedy that befell our beloved capital this past Wednesday! I have been very lucky and privileged to run at 37 Great London parkrun events, your community spirt has touched my soul and I know Londoners are resilient caring people who … More Event 37 Bushy

Event 36 Gladstone

Today my 49th parkrun proved to be one of the toughest, Gladstone park in my personal opinion is one of the toughest but beautiful events on my capital challenge to date! You even have a great view of Wembley stadium from the top of the hill! The great thing about this challenge is there is … More Event 36 Gladstone

Event 35 Bexley

Wow Bexley there are times on this challenge when the parkland is so beautiful it’s just a shear pleasure to say I run on, Danson Park I take my hat off to as you are one of the jewels of the Greater London parkrun region! Today it was my pleasure to meet and chat to a … More Event 35 Bexley

Event 33 Beckton

Split by about 50 miles in distance yesterday Luton, Wardown and Beckton parkruns have shown me community spirit is alive and kicking in the twenty first century, no one will dissuade me otherwise now! Yesterday at Luton my home parkrun one of the founders of our event Lisa Langford very sadly lost her battle with … More Event 33 Beckton

Event 31 Valentines

The weather this morning may have been horrendous, but it was great to be out running a new location and meet top new people at Valentines, Ilford today! It’s hard to explain to a non runner being soaked right through by torrential rain but 161 brave souls run this event today and most probably would … More Event 31 Valentines